Motorised Conference Poles amazing

by David Baker / 03 September 2016 / No Comments

John Maffe at Vison Prompt comments on Portaprompt’s Motorised Conference Poles used recently at the Republican Party Conference. “Wow!   Your robotic pole units are amazing!   The all worked flawlessly!   Not one problem throughout the entire convention.  Once we figured out how to actually program the units, the rest was easy.”


The new Motorised Conference Poles are designed to accommodate speakers of different heights. They can also be fully retracted and lost under the stage, if you need to clear the area for say a dancing troop, car reveal or a presenter who is not using prompt.  At 5.6 kilos, they are 30% lighter than their predecessors and can be packed away into a standard transit case so saving transport and storage costs as well as being very convenient to the operator


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