Portaprompt Personal Data Policy – May 2018

by Jim Keating / 03 May 2018 / No Comments

Portaprompt’s collection, storage and usage of Personal Data (doing the right thing!)

Portaprompt holds three types of Business to Business Personal Data:-

All data is held by Portaprompt alone on secure password protected tools and is never shared with any external companies or resources. This data can be accessed only by the 3 Company Directors, the Sales and Marketing Manager and the Office Manager

  1. Business Accounting Data – This is held in our secure (password protected) Sage Accountancy Tool and includes company data and invoicing history and within that there is some personnel data. This data is collected from the customer and is only used for accountancy purposes and all records are held in accordance with UK legal accountancy rules
  2. Marketing Data – Portaprompt collects customer data which is held in a secure, password protected database. This data is very basic and essentially incudes only contact information which is collected either through our website, via a consent agreed form, or from exhibitions and events where customers are asked to consent to be scanned and subsequently communicated with. This data is used to reply to any questions raised through the website and to follow up with potential, consent given, clients after shows and events. We do not use this data for any unsolicited or automated e-marketing and will never offer usage of this database to any other organisations or individuals. Each record holds where and when the data was collected and customer can request their access to their details by e-mail and can be removed immediately if they no longer wish to held on this database
  3. Employee (Staff and Freelancers) – this data is held in a separate password protected data base and contains personal data including contact details, employment contracts and banking details. The data base includes less than 40 records


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