On Camera Prompters

15″ Teleprompters come in two types.

Quasar Type

The Quasar Type ultra high bright panel fitted with a very high brightness LED backlights making them suitable for outside use in bright sun light. These can be turned down for indoor use via the brightness control to suit the presenter. They also do not use fans making them silent in use.

Premium Type

The Premium Type High Brightness unit is ideal for most situations including outdoor use, and has been designed for users that do not require the ultra high brightness back lights of the Quasars, but want all the other features. Brightness is controlled via menu on the Premium display.

Designed for the rigours of our hire department you can rely on these displays giving years of service.

They use our quick release clamp system to allow rapid rigging on and off camera making it easy to change the camera shot.

The reflector hood simply drops into 2 holes in the top of the displays. A cloth gaiter is then drawn around the camera lens to block out any light that may come from behind the lens into the hood. The Reflector simply clips into the hood.

15 inch teleprompters

High Performance , compact, lightweight, robust, colour, mirroring prompting display.

  • Suitable for Location, Studio and Virtual Studio use
  • Lightweight, makes them ideal for robotic operation
  • Slim line for improved on-camera tilting
  • Automatic PAL/NTSC composite video signal detection
  • Auto-terminating BNC loop-through

  • Auto Backlight saving feature
  • LED Backlights for lower power consumption
  • VGA input for High resolution computer graphics
  • Quick and easy to rig
  • SDI video input option
  • Now with built in Tally lights (closing contact, photocell or 12v dc operation)

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