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Compact Hood

Portaprompt offer a complete range of folding prompter hoods on all monitor sizes supporting our design philosophy of producing the brightest and lightest prompting rigs available. These will complement our existing range of rigid hoods for our range of 10” to 17” displays and gives you a choice as to the type of hood you wish to use.

Folding Hoods are very suitable where the operation is moving from location to location and the need for compact, lightweight, easily transportable kit is paramount. Rigid Hoods are more suitable in fixed locations such as dedicated studio where the kit is like unlike to be moved from location to location – the choice is simply yours!

slim hood front

15” Compact lightweight folding prompter hood for up to 15” size displays.

Designed to provide the ultimate in portability, the new Compact hood can be folded and  combined with a 15” monitor, reflector and camera rigging all of which can be fitted in an airline cabin bag with room to spare providing a very flexible and portable system.

3 quarters300

Easy Change Reflector

We are offering the Compact hood in a case which holds it with a reflector fitted and a spare reflector in a bag.

The reflector can be changed without the need of tools.

The Compact hood is lighter and smaller than our T17 hood, which weighs with a reflector fitted 2.35 Kg, the new Compact 15” hood and reflector weighs in at only 1.32 Kg.

side shot300

Designed for the rigours of our hire department you can rely on these prompters giving years of service.

They use our quick release clamp system to allow rapid rigging on and off camera making it easy to change the camera shot.

The reflector hood simply drops into 2 holes in the top of the displays. A cloth flame retardant gaiter is then drawn around the camera lens to block out any light that may come from behind the lens into the hood. The Reflector is already fitted into the hood.

Images below shows the T17 hood with a 15″ display for comparison, the Compact Hood being inserted into it’s case and the Compact Hood showing the reflector.

15 inch hood1



15 inch hood2




Here is a short animation showing how easily a camera can be rigging using our prompting  system



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