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Available in 15”, 17” & 19” screen sizes with options for “flipping or non-flipping” screens. Fusion is a mid-budget system using “IT style” displays. Designed for professional users who do not need the extended broadcast functions of the Quasar or Premium ranges, find that the 365 / 465 Personal Prompter too limiting & require large screen prompters for longer “Reading Distances” (see Reading Matrix below) with the operational benefits of a PC based prompting software package (WinDigi). Applications, functionality & usage:-

Applications, functionality and usage:-

  • Traditional on camera through lens rigging with Talent Monitor options
  • Direct read function (for green screen ring lights, cranes and jibs)
  • Interrotron (active and passive)

Key features:-

  • 400 to 600 NIT brightness colour monitors suitable for Location, Studio & Virtual Studio usage
  • Quick and easy to rig with highly flexible rigging and clamps system using 19mm bars allowing multiple types / styles of camera to be used
  • Lightweight 19” universal folding hood. Suitable where compact, easily transportable kit is paramount
  • Ideal for robotic operation and PTZ style camera rigs – can be rigged “top down” and “bottom up” – a large “French Hood” is available at no extra cost
  • VGA and HDMI input for high resolution computer graphics with SDI options through optional external adapter
  • Automatic PAL/NTSC composite video signal detection
  • For the basic model mirroring takes place in software rather than in the prompting monitor but “Flipping” Fusion range will mirror in monitor
  • WinDigi Lite software included in bundle with options to upgrade to Lite Plus and Full
  • Variety of optional wired and wireless hand and foot controllers are available
  • Under slung Talent Monitor, Time Code clock and Tally lamp options available
  • Monitors do not use fans making them silent in use.
  • Slim line for improved on-camera tilting
  • LED Backlights for lower power consumption



Fusion Details and Model NumbersThere are three Fusion kits in 15”, 17” and 19” screen sizes:-

  • 900-015 – 15” Fusion Kit (requires software to flip / mirror)
  • 900-017 – 17” Fusion Kit (requires software to flip / mirror)
  • 900-019 – 19” Fusion Kit (requires software to flip / mirror)
  • 900-025 – 15” “Flipping” Fusion Kit (monitor will flip image)
  • 900-027 – 17” “Flipping” Fusion Kit (monitor will flip image)
  • 900-029 – 19” “Flipping” Fusion Kit (monitor will flip image)
    reading matrix

Each kit ships with:-

  • 1 x Monitor
  • 1 x Lightweight reflector and 19” folding hood
  • 5 x rigging mount clamps
  • 2 sets each of 200mm, 300mm and 450mm, 19mm bars
  • 1 x Camera, Monitor and Tripod plates
  • 2 x Hood Bars, Rods and one safety collar
  • 1 x WinDigi Lite Software dongle / CD
  • 10 metre HDMI cable



16 x9 Talent Monitor/TV options for any size Fusion Prompting Screen. Ships with rig plate, 2 x 200mm 19mm bars & hood rods, mounting clamp & safety collar. Available models 900-120 – 15” and 900-122 – 22”

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