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Honeycomb Display Hide at Angle









Honeycomb display hides are used to reduce the viewing angle of a large display which is usually situated behind the audience.

The honeycomb hide is simply attached to the front of the display where it will reduce the likelihood of the audience spotting the prompting text and joining in with the presenter.

Above is a 42″ display shown direct from the front (left) and then at angle (right) with a hide attached. The further away the presenter is the wider the viewing angle.

The video above  shows a 42″ panel behind one of our honey comb hides being rotated to show initially the straight on front view and then as the display rotates and the image dims and then blanks out then back through centre showing the blanking is symmetrical.

We have also used these in TV studio sets to hide displays from the contestants and audience in game shows.

We offer sizes up 103″ and can offer custom sizes and colours if given enough notice.

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