On Camera Rigging


Using the latest LCD TFT technology Portaprompt can now offer a totally new look to prompting.

The elegant colour LCD display mounted on either Microphone or monitor stand adds a high-tech look to the presentation whilst providing the ultimate in discrete but easy-to-use prompting.

Cabling is kept to a minimum with both power and video being provided through the inside of the Microphone stand (right). Tilt is fully adjustable from flat to upright. Maximum height: 166 cms, minimum height: 56 cms.

The folding wheels are interchangeable with the stylish circular foot depending on the type of presentation or function required of the stand. On camera prompting can also be performed from the stand when the camera tripod is to light for the weight of the prompter.

We can also supply an adjustable monitor stand which can also be floor mounted. The display is bright and clear enough to be read at a good distance, and we have a range of displays sizes 9″ to 24″ to suit most applications.

Another way of using a prompter is to actually not rig it on the camera support. This means a lightweight tripod is not a limiting factor to having a prompter. The other advantage is its very quick to separate the camera and prompter, for shots not needing the prompter.  The draw back is the shot has to be a static piece to camera but that is almost the norm for prompted pieces to camera.

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