Presentation Prompters

The Motorised Conference Glass Stands / Rise and Fall Poles

Also called Rise and Fall Poles are for use by Presenters, Public Speakers and Lecturers who require that little extra help to boost self confidence and enhance general presentation. The glass mounted above the monitor can either be free standing or contained within a lectern or desk (supplied by user) to suit the presentation.

The newly designed MCG rig is significantly lighter and slimmer than our previous product (5.6kg compared to 9kg) making them easy to use and rig and also brings the benefit of reducing transport and shipping costs. A new hand controller (A) for setting the required heights can control up 15 motorised poles over the network. The control signals are sent up a standard BNC cable.

hand control 130 goto cms


The Motorised Conference Glass stands come into their own when there are many speakers who inevitably are of differing heights. Each presenter has their own stand height stored at rehearsals, which are instantly recalled by simply pressing their number on the key pad of the hand control. The control signals are sent up a standard BNC cable from back stage. Each hand control can control up 15 motorised poles over the network. The Rise and Fall poles can also retract fully so they can disappear beneath the stage if required.

We can also use these poles as robotic microphone stands by removing the glass clamp and fitting a microphone holder.

The latest software allows the operator to programme a height into the pole in centimetres, which can make setting up easier if this information is already know before hand.

Touch Screen Hand Control for Motorised Conference Glass showing height in cms programming screen.

Motorised Conference Stand


Robotic Conference Stand


Fastpole Stand


from 0.51m – 2.1m


adjustment 45º  ±  20º


Height::  0.5m/sec (max speed)
Tilt:  Manual


W: 150 mm x D: 350 mm
x H: 200 mm




5.6 kg


15in On MCG


Side View of base of pole. The top surface allows a our VESA 100 monitor to rest on securely, visible is the ac input, the status LCD display, local control input, power outlet for the prompter display. Fuses, BNC communication’s connectors, Pole go to home and pole number selection buttons.

Motorised Conference Stand

Below shows the end panel,  for updating and diagnostics and the RJ45 network connector and the folding legs. with Portaprompt display and reflector fitted.


17in On MCG

2 on cg, with presenter and operator

2 on conference glass, with presenter and operator

Here is a short animation showing the basics of a conference prompter. The Prompt operator sitting at the laptop and the presenter standing reading from the pair of conference glasses.

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