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WinDigi hand & foot controls (Wired & Wireless – USB & IP)


USB local wired Hand Control  can be used for right / left handed operation, provides full variable speed control of the script by means of a rotary potentiometer and has a ‘top of text’ facility for instant return after rehearsals together with a forward/reverse direction switch. Available with either USB or IP connections – Supplied as standard in WinDigi Lite Plus / Full with 1m USB cable


USB Prompter controller











We can also connect to the Shuttle as seen below as an alternative to our hand control.



 Accelerator wired Foot Control

Designed to be left under a desk and comes complete with a 25 metre cable. Direction is controlled by pushing down on the controller moving the script forwards. Reversing is controlled by depressing the controller further and it can have an optional desk mounted keypad attached to enable the presenter to control such things as select story, skip paragraphs, select font, adjust font size, eye-line position and reset the running order (functions depend on the version of WinDigi purchased).

Foot Control

Portaprompt News Box

Extended functions hand controller for integration with Newsroom systems including scrolling speed control, go forwards, go back, beginning / end of play list, previous / latest news. Connects remotely to PC via IP cable (30 m max).

 Wireless controls

Now use normal WiFi  which makes interfacing to our WinDigi prompting software simple. The control connect via normal IP wireless routers both Cat 5 cables and WiFi.

Allowing wireless & wired hand controls to be used to control one prompter so several presenters can control themselves without an

operator & also ideal for back-up. Has normal WiFi  range dependent on local site conditions. The controls are all monitored and which ever one takes control until it releases control for others to use. The wireless controls uses special Ultra low power processors  with auto sleep modes to give extended battery life. The Cat 5 controls use Power o

ver Ethernet (PoE).

Wireless Hand Control  gives the presenter the freedom to roam the studio whilst controlling the speed of the prompter. It has 4 buttons with functions include scroll direction, story selection and page jumping (functions depend on the type of WinDigi purchased). comes with its own wireless charging cradle.


The Wireless Foot Control is ideal where a trailing lead to the presenters’ desk is a problem in the studio.


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