WinDigi prompting software has been specifically written and designed to interface with ENPS’s using the Media Server Communications Protocol (MOS) as well as the Avid iNEWS® ftp system, enabling the newsroom computer to control the stories and running order that WinDigi uses.

This tight integration with WinDigi via the MOS protocol enables ENPS to control all the features of the WinDigi prompter automatically so improving the efficiency of the prompting function in a busy newsroom environment. Via MOS WinDigi can request any rundown or multiple run-orders to be prompted, accept rundown and script changes automatically during rehearsal and live transmission. Using the MOS interface with WinDigi also allows for an even closer interface with ENPS for presenter preferences such as True Type® font choice, size and style, colour, bold, italics, underline and reverse background/foreground.

Using the MOS Active X implementation WinDigi can remotely access any run-order, or start at any story in the run-order. The scroll speed of the prompter output can be controlled by a hand control or a Presenter foot control.

WinDigi is fully Windows XP®, VISTA®, 7®, 8® & 10® compatible and via the MOS gateway able to interface ENPS in all Unicode supported fonts / languages.

Portaprompt is a member of the ENPS MOS Partner group and actively supports the ENPS MOS user group meetings.

The screen shot (A) shows the running order as passed from the MOS newsroom interface. Story names, titles and run times are shown as well as which story WinDigi is showing. The total program time is also displayed.

The buttons have been designed to be clear and easy to use with either a mouse or touch screen. Using the buttons the operator has control over the next story WinDigi displays to the presenter.

It is also possible to jump to a story by typing in its page number.



















The screen shot (B) is the WinDigi editor that can be used in conjunction with the MOS interface. This allows the operator to make changes and adjust the run order locally or choose a different run order in the event of the MOS server being unavailable.

The screen shot (C) is from an ENPS Newsroom system showing the Portaprompt Active X plug-in.

This shows:-

  • Two live prompt output preview windows (black background), on the right.
  • The active running order, on the left.
  • A list of running orders available for use in the middle.
  • It is possible from this Active X plug-in to select different prompters across the network, view the actual output from each prompter, see what they have loaded as stories/running orders and are displaying the correct story.
  • It allows the Editor to control which running order and story a prompter is using by simply double clicking on the name in the lists.


The Portaprompt interface to iNews has a multiple run-order touch screen graphical interface and the ability to detect story and script updates and automatically reload changes, without interfering with the smooth operation of the WinDigi prompt output and the newsroom system.

Live updates also include re-ordering the running order of the stories dropping, moving, adding, holding and reinstating stories, story slugs, story numbers, story time, closed caption text (if required) and presenter names (in reverse video in prompt) can be extracted and displayed in adjustable colours.

Story run-times and the story slugs are displayed in a rundown list on the prompter that reflects the one on the iNEWS client.

The prompter can select any story within the run order to prompt from so that rehearsals can take place with stories that are already posted whilst later ones are still being prepared.

The prompter can have several rundowns cued up ready for use at the click of a button or can automatically run from one to another if preferred.

There is also an editor on the prompter that can stand alone from the iNEWS system if required to add an extra layer of robustness to the system.

With layers of back-up WinDigi provides a robust yet easy to set up and use solution to Newsroom integration.

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