On Camera Rigging

Teleprompter Rigging for tripods and pedestals


We offer a variety of rigging solutions with both Fusion and the Premium / Quasar Ranges for Professional Cameras. Fusion uses 19mm bars and customised clamps (I) and Premium / Quasar an ENG plate (J) sandwiched between the camera plate / tripod and a U mount (K) attached to the ENG plate via the large thumb screws to the monitor. Rigging on Pedestals fitted with a suitable plate will use Portaprompt Telescopic Rods instead of the ENG plate and the U mount is attached to the rods via thumb screws. There are 2 lengths of rod to suit differing lens sizes.

New ENG plate




These animations show the rigging process for lightweight and large pedestal type rigging for a tele-prompter or autocue.

Tripod Version


Larger Pedestal Version



Another way of using a prompter is to actually not rig it on the camera support. This means a lightweight tripod is not a limiting factor to having a prompter. The other advantage is its very quick to separate the camera and prompter, for shots not needing the prompter.  The draw back is the shot has to be a static piece to camera but that is almost the norm for prompted pieces to camera.

prompter rigged on stand in front of camera

Prompter rigged on stand in front of camera

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