WINDIGI IP – (including Master PC Software)

WinDigi IP is a powerful networkable prompting software package for Windows 7 ®, 8 ®, 10 ® developed by Portaprompt who have over 40 years of experience in prompting sales and hire. No special graphics card is required as the software uses the standard video card supplied with your PC.

All the functionality and flexibility of our “WinDigi Full” software combined with the new WinDigi Master PC suite provides an IP Prompting Workflow that allows the allocation of any Portaprompt Premium or Quasar IP prompting screen to any Portaprompt IP prompting controller (hand / foot – wired / wireless).

Key Features

  • Workflow for Premium and Quasar Monitors, WinDigi Software and Hand / Foot Controllers.
  • Based on the replacement of our standard SDI card in monitor with a new IP card.
  • System requires a WinDigi IP license per PC plus one copy of the Master PC software for signal and control allocation
  • Scrolling / control takes place in PC / Monitors – no need for external “scrolling boxes”.
  • Using our WinDigi IP and Master PC Software and “off the shelf” IP routers any Prompt and Control signal can be assigned to any Prompt Head up in Studio or OB Truck. Essentially any source can be assigned to any destination and control can simulate this signal routing.
  • For working remotely with either hand or foot controls our IP connection option allows the prompt monitor to be operated remotely either with a wired (RJ45 Ethernet) or wireless connection.
  • The system can interface to MOS and ENPS based newsroom systems as required
  • Minimum systems requirements: – Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1 x USB Port and accelerated graphics card.


There is lots of flexibility in the workflow and basically we can allocate any control device to any prompting display providing some real benefits for customers such as:-

  • The prompt operator can be based in studio whilst feeding the prompt signal to the presenter on location which can save travel and location cost in
  • With so such flexibility in the routing of sources and destinations (gallery to multiple studios) there can be a significant reduction in redundancy / downtime in studio making for a far more efficient use of resources.

Systems example of IP Prompting Workflow

Systems example of IP Prompting Control Workflow

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