WinDigi is a powerfulNo special graphics card is required as the software uses the standard video card supplied with your PC.

Networkable prompting software package for Windows XP®, VISTA®, 7 ®, 8 ®, 10 ® developed by Portaprompt who have over 40 years of experience in prompting sales and hire.

Key Features 

True Type® fonts are scaled giving large easy-to-read characters which are smoothly scrolled with a controller. All Unicode fonts supported with appropriate operating systems, (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi etc.)

The Editor uses Rich Text Format (RTF) making it compatible with standard word processor software. It can be formatted using bold, underlining, italics, colour, centring, indenting, inversion, justification and bullet points, making it the most powerful prompter software we have developed.

Other features include instant restart to top of script or story, adjustable margins and indents and adjustable eye line

The Run Time Editor enables stories to be inserted in an instant and the run time of programme and individual stories are constantly updated with the actual speaking speed of the presenter. There is also a time to on-air clock with programmable alarm warnings.

Full choice of printout styles (Full page, WYSIWYG, Script Format)

Full range of wired and wireless control devices (mouse, hand and foot) for total variable speed control

Our network attached prompting screens and our applets for Android and IOS are controlled by IP over a network (public internet for remote working or your in house facilities). The IP connection simply replaces the conventional video connection between the PC and display, all other functionality remains the same.

Other features include a Substitution Editor for replacing reoccurring names or values through the script; Presenter Messaging which can provide special non scrolling messages for the presenter and File List Running Orders for large conferences and shows; Active X control allows the Editor to control WinDigi which can be fully integrated to MOS Newsroom systems and the Avid ftp protocols.

Minimum systems requirements: – Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1 x USB Port and accelerated graphics card. Note – PAL or SDI monitors require a VGA or HDMI to Video or SDI converter which we can be supply

WinDigi is available in three versions which can be upgraded. WinDigi Lite and Lite Plus are cut down versions introduced to suit the requirements of smaller operations that do not require the power of the full version of WinDigi.

  • Lite – basic prompting software; mouse only control; basic editing functionality; no print capability
  • Lite Plus – adds dedicated hand / foot control (wired or wireless), printing and extended editing features
  • Full – all features available and must be used for Newsroom Operations

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