Baggage Items

Aluminium Transit Case
This is our standard case used for transporting displays, printers, rigging, cables, conference stands and monitor shrouds. The case has corner lugs on lid that holds similar cases in place if stacked on top. External dimensions: 59 cms long x 39 cms wide x 41 cms high. Un-laden weight 5.3 kg. Colour silver.
Waterproof Equipment Case
This case is made from black lightweight structural resin and is virtually indestructible. We use this for carrying our earlier ‘DigiPrompt’ range of prompting units and printers (not in same case). External dimension: 59 cms long x 53 cms wide x 23 cms high. Un-laden weight 6.0 kg.
Four Wheel ‘Prompters’ Trolley
This trolley is of our own design and is a basic tubular metal frame (painted black nylon) into which the above-mentioned aluminium transit cases sit. Heavy-duty rubber wheels (blue) are fitted (front swivel, rear fixed) together with a red nylon-towing strap. External dimensions: 67 cms long x 41 cms wide x 15 cms high. Un-laden weight: 4.5 kg.
Wooden Transit Case
This case can be used to transport 1-pair Motorised Conference Poles and associated hardware. Dimensions: 147 cms long x 62 cms wide x 24 cms high. Laden weight with 1-pair MCG and associated cables 39 kg.
‘Coffin’ Type Transit Case
This case made from black PVC coated plywood, reinforced with metal edging is suitable for transporting up to 2-pairs of MCG’s and associated hardware. The case has simple castors on base to assist movement. Dimensions: 139 cms long x 43 cms wide x 45 cms high: Laden weight with 2-pairs MCG’s and associated cables 70 kg.
Universal Type Laptop Bag
This soft bag can be used to hand/shoulder-carry either (a) two Laptop computers, (b) one Laptop computer + Interface box, (c) one Laptop + Canon BJC Inkjet Printer together with in all instances associated items. This bag is unsuitable for unattended shipment. Dimensions: 36 cms long x 25 cms wide x 30 cms high. Un-laden weight 2.5 kg.