Obama Conference Glass

The Obama Conference Stand is for use by Presenters, Public Speakers and Lecturers who require that little extra help to boost self confidence and enhance general presentation.

The semi-silvered glass mounted above the monitor can either be free standing or contained within a lectern or desk  (supplied by user) to suit the presentation.conference glass

  • Elegant telescoping pole, light and easy to transport, takes a wide range of displays,
  • Glass case fits into the stand base and 2 bases clip together for transporting.
  • Glass case can hold up to 3 reflectors, in cloth bags.
  • Almost invisible from the front.
  • Audience only sees clear glass.
  • Easily adjustable height and tilt.
  • Suitable for all flat backed monitors from 10” to 19” diagonal.
  • Displays larger than 17″ require a larger shroud to hide them from the audience


obama conference glass


Manual Stand

Max Height

2200 mm


Manual adjustment

Base Size

W: 320 mm x D: 310 mm x H: 25 mm

Min Height

530 MM


1.6 kg

Glass size 305 x 229 + 50 mm radius corners
Shroud H x W x D 300 x 375 x 375 mm
Suitable for up our 15″