Our Mission

To Build on our World Wide Teleprompting successes of the past. To continue innovative design, research and development of the Lightest and Brightest Portable Prompting Equipment the Global market has to offer for Sales, Wet and Dry Hire Service.

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Hire and rental helen@portaprompt.co.uk

Company Profile

Portaprompt was founded in 1976 and developed the world's first digital teleprompter which won us a technical Emmy and has continued to be at the forefront of teleprompting or autocuing ever since. We have a very busy hire service, with and without operator, that sees action all over the globe,  Portaprompt has beautiful prompting products that are able to cope with the rigours of travel with the utmost reliability and portability. Our products have been designed with input from operators, customers and presenters which has resulted in high quality equipment and software which is straightforward to use.

We have worked in the Broadcast industry for over 35 years and prompt many household name shows.

Member of IABMGuild of Television Cameramen and the Institute of Videography