Portaprompt is proud to be a founding member of the IP Production Group.

The IPPG has been founded with the objects, “to promote innovation, collaboration and standardisation in the use of IP in media and broadcast technologies”.  At IBC 2015 we along with the other founding members staged an IP demonstration across the IBC halls using the IP cables installed by the RAI staff. The demonstration took the form of video cameras on the stands of the members being fed back  to the IPPG stand opposite Suitcase TV stand in Hall 2 where the images were collected processed and then fed back to the members own stands so we could see everyone’s stands along with our logos.

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Memos protocoldia Object Server Communications MOS Protocol:

An evolving protocol for communications between software vendors and end users.

Our goal is to develop and implement a common communications protocol which will allow integration of diverse NCS and MOS equipment. It is our hope this will grow into a de-facto standard which can then be presented to committee.Newsroom Computer Systems (NCS) and Media Object Servers (MOS) such as Video Servers, Audio Servers, Still Stores, and Character Generators. This protocol is supported and developed through cooperative collaboration among equipment vendors,


Portaprompt is proud to be a partner of the Associated Press ENPS News Production System. Using MOS to interface between our two systems enables seemless control of the prompter from the News Production System.

WinDigi prompting software has been specifically written and designed to interface with ENPS’s Media Server Communications Protocol (MOS). This tight integration with WinDigi via the MOS protocol enables ENPS to control all the features of the WinDigi prompter automatically so improving the efficiency of the prompting function in a busy newsroom environment. Via MOS WinDigi can request any rundown or multiple run-orders to be prompted, accept rundown and script changes automatically during rehearsal and live transmission. Using the MOS interface with WinDigi also allows for an even closer interface with ENPS for presenter preferences such as True type font choice, size and style, colour, bold, italics, underline and reverse background/foreground.

Using the MOS Active X implementation WinDigi can remotely access any run-order, or start at any story in the run-order. The prompter output can be controlled by a hand control, a Presenter foot control and soon a voice control releasing the need for the presenter to use a foot control or have an operator.

WinDigi is fully Windows 7 & 8 compatible and via the MOS gateway able to interface ENPS in most languages.

Associated Press ENPS is the world’s most popular new broadcast news production system. Used by journalists in more than 500 radio and television stations in 42 countries, ENPS fits the needs of demanding news environments by including powerful, easy-to-use features to give journalists the tools to focus on their craft and let the technology run in the background. For broadcasters, ENPS is the ideal solution, featuring scalable, dependable architecture that can be tightly integrated with third party products.

We are pleased to announce that we are now partners with Octopus using MOS interfacing allowing newsroom workflow into WinDigi using our MOS Interface.