Portaprompt New Telescopic Rods

Portaprompt are pleased to launch three types of new Telescopic Rods for mounting its prompting system on Studio style cameras. 


One Short Telescopic Rod - 155mm to 260mm

£100.00 ex vat


One Long Telescopic Rod – 265mm to 485mm

£120.00 ex vat


One Extra Long Telescopic Rod – 315mm to 585mm

£150.00 ex vat

Miles Kingsbury, Portaprompt’s Chairman and Head of Design comments:-

“I have been looking to update these for a while as we have more and more requests for a longer set of rods when using our large 24” and 32” Quasar prompting displays. A change with one of suppliers has accelerated this and we are very pleased with the outcome – we hope our clients will be too!”

Jon Hilton - Portaprompt Sales and Marketing 8/9/2021